TAS – Texas Academy of Soccer

The New Real Madrid
Soccer Program in Houston

A unique, memorable experience new to soccer programs in Houston. Join us in our first location, Quillian Center, at Westchase. The philosophy, tactical skills, and values that have made Real Madrid one of the most successful and admired soccer teams in the world are now within reach for our kids not just in seasonal soccer camps but in our customized soccer programs, whether our long term REGULAR SEASON or SPECIAL TRAINING programs.

An Elite Methodology

A complex sport requires a high level of discipline, technical ability, tactical understanding, and physical fitness. It also needs a disciplined and passionate commitment to a multi-dimensional approach in order to develop well-rounded players.

A Winning Culture

It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment to develop a culture of success and an environment where youth can thrive and understand the values that will help them succeed in life. We invest in the youth of today in favor of a better tomorrow.

Excellence in Life

In today’s competitive world, encouraging our children to push themselves to reach new heights is essential, but being the best is not enough; we must strive to be better than we were yesterday to make a positive impact on the world around us.
Classes in all of our programs
Start on September 6th. Join Us!

With Each Challenge…
They Win

Participants in our challenges will always win. There is always a lot to learn and fun to be had from these types of experiences. In addition, the effort of the top performers, chosen through a voting system either by fans or by a judging panel, will earn them rewards in the form of free clinics, branded merchandise, or our “Surprise XPs”…  Visit us back shortly or subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any of our upcoming challenges.

Goals in A Minute

Send us an unedited video of yourself shooting penalties; we are looking for the top performers (categories by age).

Who You Wanna Be

Tell us in a video Who you want to be when you grow up (other than the great player you can be) and what your purpose in life will be.

Help Us Help

There is not a more rewarding feeling than helping others. Volunteer and help us in giving back to your community.

Enroll Your Friends

Bring your friends to experience this unique opportunity andget credits that you can use for clinics, merchandise, etc…


Reach out and let us know of any questions you may have or for information about our Soccer Experiences, our programs, and upcoming events.

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