About TAS

Opening on Fall


TAS, Texas Academy of Soccer, is a 360-training academy for youth soccer new to Houston, opening in fall 2022, offering the unique methodology developed by the best soccer team of all times in the world, The Real Madrid, and not only in Soccer Summer Camps but in an array of flexible all-year-round special training programs.

About Us

We are a group of passionate individuals who have dedicated our lives to this, the most popular game in the world. Our commitment to comprehensive training and long years of proven success in the field have granted us the trust of The Real Madrid Foundation which culminated in our partnership to establish this and similar academies in the US and Latin America.

Our commitment continues now in The USA to help in building the foundations for the future of soccer and our youth at the highest level.

Looking Up to 2026

Our headquarters in Houston, a multifunctional Sports Complex, is being developed in Alvin, Brazoria County, on a 45 acres privileged area that will include outdoor and indoor soccer fields, a sports medicine, and rehab center, a business center with gym and yoga studio, hotel and much more.
Development is underway and we estimate the completion of the entire complex to be in early 2026, in time for the next World Cup, in which Houston will be one of the Hosting cities.

Talk to Us

Reach out and let us know of any questions you may have or for information about our Soccer Experiences, our programs, and upcoming events.

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